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Bike Track’s patented 1-inch portable flooring is an ideal choice if you're setting up on a relatively firm ground and do not need cable management.  Some of the most common uses include field maintenance and garage facilities, living areas, tactical operations centers, field and turf protection and vehicle access roadways.  Able to withstand ground pressure's up to 80000 lb/sqft (given a solid sub surface), it is our best product for extreme weights.

Our 1-inch portable flooring is commonly used where lift and load capabilities are limited - each sheet covers the same area as our 2-inch standard flooring but stores and ships in half the cubic displacement.  It is also more flexible than our 2-inch flooring, so will do a better job of conforming to undulating ground rather than creating a rigid platform.

All of our portable flooring sheets can be rapidly installed without the use of tools thanks to self-aligning friction-fit channels molded into each sheet; the 1-inch sheets include an optional use stainless steel locking pin system for increased platform stability.

Each 1-inch sheet (4ft x 3.5ft) is made up of two panels (each 2ft x 3.5ft) that are connected together using the u-channels and stainless steel locking pins.  This provides the enhanced flexibility when designing your flooring layout.

Like all Bike Track plastic flooring products are 1-inch sheets provide the following benefits;

  • Fast install and strike: self-aligning connection channels require no tools. Average set up time ranges from 14 to 56 square feet (1.3 to 5.2 square meters) per minute per person.
  • No maintenance: sheets align, interlock and stack neatly on reusable pallets. Weatherproof and easily cleaned, palletized sheets can be stored anywhere.
  • Versatile: easily configurable to a wide variety of layouts. Use inside or underneath tents (with or without fabric flooring) to create a platform to enable faster set up, protect shelters from damage and keep them clean.
  • Durable: supports vehicles, UV-degradation resistant, rot-proof, impervious to most chemicals, usable in any temperature or weather. All products warranted for 5 years, although customers routinely enjoy a 15+ years of sustained field use.
  • Safe and environmentally friendly: products designed for use were grass and turf protection is important. All sheets include drainage holes, are anti-static treated, slip-resistant and 100% recyclable.

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NSN:                   5680-01-543-5495

Material:             High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

Dimensions:       US: 4 ft x 3.5 ft x 1 inch (14 square feet)
(1 sheet)             Metric: 1.22 m x 1.07 m x 25.4 cm (1.3 square meter)

Weight:               US: 27 lb
(1 sheet)             Metric: 12.2 kg

Load                    US: 80,000 lb/square foot
Capacity:            Metric: 390,595 kg/square meter
                              (static load, solid subsurface)

Shipping:            64 sheets per custom pallet

Maintenance:    Sweep, brush and water wash.  Pressure wash as needed.

Warranty:         Flooring is warranted by the manufacturer against structural failure due to splintering, cracking, or damage caused by insects, rot, corrosion, or fungal decay for 5 years from date of purchase.  The manufacturer will replace any sheet that fails to perform to its original function due to any of the above conditions when installed and used in accordance with manufacturers specifications.

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