Wondering which Bike Track plastic flooring product is the right product for you? Check out our blog post on how to choose between the different types of flooring we offer.

Our patented, anti-static, non-slip plastic flooring maintains its shape and durability over years of use and re-use in all types of harsh, indoor and outdoor environments. Its durability under even the toughest conditions makes it the ideal solution for military, government, commercial, and non-profit organizations requiring portable or permanent flooring that's impervious to conditions that limit the use and longevity of plywood and other plastic flooring products. Bike Track plastic flooring: minimal impact and maximum savings in both time and expense.

Some of the main benefits of using Bike Track plastic flooring products:

  • Fast Install and Strike: self-aligning connection channels require no tools. Average set up time ranges from 14 to 56 square feet (1.3 to 5.2 square meters) per minute per person.
  • No Maintenance: sheets align, interlock and stack neatly on reusable pallets. Weather-proof and easily cleaned, palletized sheets can be stored anywhere.
  • Versatile: easily configurable to a wide variety of layouts. Use inside or underneath tents (with or without fabric flooring) to create a platform to enable faster setup, protect shelters from damage, and keep them clean.
  • Durable: supports vehicles, UV-degradation resistant, rot-proof, impervious to most chemicals, useable in any temperature or weather. All products warrantied for 5 years, although customers routinely enjoy 15+ years of sustained field use.
  • Safe and Environmentally Friendly: products designed for use where grass and turf protection is important. All sheets include drainage holes, are anti-static treated, slip-resistant, and 100% recyclable.
Some examples of how customers use our products: